The typical member of Congress prefers to behave in the manner best suited to get re-elected and not in the best interest of his/her constituents. Personal responsibility is out the window when it comes to giving in to constituents to ‘buy’ votes. Why should people and firms be responsible for their own existence and lives when Congress and a president are so quick to help out for sake of popularity? Further, why should MOC vote repeatedly to give themselves raises when their job should be a ‘service’ to the people and short-lived anyway? They should be term-limited since so many in Congress are career politicians and so out of touch with the population (such as Reid, Pelosi, Frank, et al.).


If you’re a follower of my meaningless posts, then you’re likely interested in the update on my new eyelash adventure. Exotic Lash has sent me a small sampling of products to use for eyelash enhancement. Meanwhile, I am continuing with eyelash conditioning as they recommended.

I’m thinking it is probably just a psychological response, but my lashes seemed fuller this morning. I’m happy, it’s the weekend and I am going out with friends this weekend!

OK, I can admit that my eyelashes aren’t as long and thick as I’d like. I guess a lot of us can admit to that – albeit quietly. So I started a typical web search and found masses and volumes and tomes of information from many people on the topic of eyelash health. After a very methodical (“eeny meanie minie mo”, actually) I chose one site to read and follow.

This whole adventure began not too long ago. I’ve actively followed the advice provided in the newsletter sent to me from the folks at Exotic Lash . So far, wow! I’m sitting in the office today without as much makeup as I normally use. I’m accustomed to using Mascara and other eye enhancements along with regular skin tone items. This morning, I was hurried because I’d overslept and didn’t use my mascara. When I glanced in the mirror in the restroom (here at the office), I was excited to see my own lashes looking fuller.

Now, I am going to start a more scientific approach to the issue and I’ll start taking pictures and plotting my progress. I invite my friends to follow along. I can send more info on the products I am using as well. So far though, I am only using the holistic/all organic items. I do wonder how well the LiLash and RapidLash work as well. There were other commercially available products listed at Exotic Lash, but I’m going to keep my experiment simple to start things out.

Here’s to sexy lashes!


A good friend from Islip called me late last night. We talked about a number of topics including her recent divorce. Because her husband absconded with the family business (more information on that later – seems like a good topic for my blog), she is left with no money and is forced with a possible personal bankruptcy.

I realize that there is a lot of talk about bankruptcy and bailout lately. I am considering that ‘too big to fail’ – as far as policy by the government – is really not that valid. Big or small, bad things happen to good people and firms. As far as firms go, it is normally bad decisions by the executives that leads to failure (impending bankruptcy). With people, it’s bad timing, unlucky events (getting laid off, divorce, et al.) or bad decisions (buying the BMW or larger than needed house) that lead to failure.

I see and hear about the government bailing out firms. But there’s no bailout for the people individually (I wouldn’t call the tiny tax credits from Obama and crew as a bailout). It seems unfair to bail out very large companies and not bail out small companies. If smaller companies are bailed out, why not proprietors of small retail shops and so forth? Why not the individual?

I guess nobody can be personally responsible for their own actions (even if it’s an executive at a large company). Let’s just spread the blame and bailout the larger entities first. If they end up laying off people (which they will and have anyway), then the individuals that worked for them are just plain sh** out of luck.

Seems fair to me. Oh, that reminds me! I saw a great bumper sticker the other day: “Obamanation: Let’s be Poor Together!”

I was at a friend’s house for dinner on Sunday night. She fixed a big meal for a group of her friends (yes, I have friends!) and had a fancy layout with candles, multiple utensils and plates for which most of us had no idea how they were to be used. After we’d settled at the table, Marcie, the chef and hostess, called the table to order and said grace.  Now, being Jewish by birth and by practice (I have great experience with Jewish mom guilt!), some would have thought I’d have taken offense to this. However, I took none at all. Even though she ended it with, “…With Jesus Christ’s blessing, Amen.”

I don’t know about ‘common’ practice on this, but I’d recommend grace for everyone some time or another (if it’s not a common practice in your household already). I offer this as the reason: Every single one of us (a noisy group of 9 women) actually hushed in respect of this simple ceremony. This allowed for us to pause and calm for a moment rather than sitting down and attacking the food like half-starved feral dogs happening upon an opened bag of beef jerky. It was civilized. Well, it was until Lois made the comment about Callie’s hair…